What does Spektre actually do?

The main task of Spektre is to bring people together. Our main activities include a mailing list and different kinds of meetings, which the Finnish fandom calls "mafia" evenings. Some activity may also happen elsewhere on the net.

Mailing list

The main channel of contact is the Spektre mailing list, spektre@spektre.fi. The list is open for all sf/f fen in Tampere (and elsewhere, too). The list is mainly used for information about meetings, mafia evenings, video evenings and other events; the language is Finnish.

[Joining the mailing list]

Most discussion takes place in the meetings, so as not to bloat people's mailboxes. Spektre also has its discussion pages, the Forum, also mostly in Finnish.

Types of events

  • regular monthly meetings, so called mafia evenings (often with a specific theme)
  • movie evenings
  • the annual Cooperation Meeting for the Finnish Fandom, including a sauna with ice swimming, some Saturday in late February - early March
  • the annual Roadside Picnic for the Finnish Fandom, a boat trip to a nearby island on some Saturday in (late) July
  • any other activities we happen to think about in the mafia evenings

All events are announced on the mailing list. We also try to keep the web pages up to date.

[Information on upcoming events]