Spektre - what's it about?

Speculative fiction is a wide concept, including science fiction and its related genres fantasy and horror. For us, speculative fiction stretches from Ursula K. Le Guin to Star Wars, from Galactica to Heinlein, from Tolkien to Clive Barker, not to forget all kinds of parodies and burlesques. The essential question in speculative fiction is "What if?" - a question that has served as the basis of stories of monsters, aliens and imagined worlds. Science fiction usually answers the question with worlds that are scientifically possible, fantasy with worlds of magic. Horror may take either way, for the important thing there is the feeling of horror.

In Spektre, we are not finicky. You may join us even if you detest horror or read nothing but fantasy. Form isn't a problem, either: the people in Spektre enjoy their speculative fiction as much in the form of books as movies, tv-series, comics or games.