How to join?

For Finnish speakers, the best way to join Spektre is to join the mailing list; there you see what's going on - but the mailing list is only in finnish. You can also keep up with most of Spektre events through these pages. However, the best way to join is just to show up at an event - just come to the next mafia evening, you are welcome!

Questions may also be addressed to Erkka Leppänen, sterle@iki.fi, tel. +358 40 500 6048.

Joining the mailing list

The list is for all friends of science fiction and fantasy in Tampere, whether from the direction of literature, comics, movies or television.

The main aim of the list is to share information. Active topic discussion is kept at meetings, so as not to bloat people's mailboxes.

The maximum size of messages is 40 Kt. Do not send attachments or other large data.

To join the list, change your address or leave the list, it's easiest to use the web system:

[Spektre list management]

On the "Help yourself" -page you can join and do other tasks yourself. When you join, you receive confirmation by e-mail, including the password you've chosen, plus directions on how to do it through e-mail.